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As I said earlier in this column, option trading is simply having more choices in investment strategies. Stock traders buy stocks in a bull market and sell them in a bear market. In a sideway market, stock traders simply wait for the market to move in order to make their moves. On the other hand, option traders have more choices in their investment strategies in the stock market (*). In a bull market, option traders can buy calls or sell puts. They can also sell puts in a sideway market. In a bear market, option traders can sell calls or buy puts. They can also sell calls in a sideway market. Those who had followed this investment column should have no problem understanding the points I try to make here.


To see a better picture of choices, I have included a comparison chart.




Dennis Phan  潘家墉

17 September 2012




(*) Stock traders buy stock in a bull market expecting the stock to move higher for a profit. They sell stock in a bear market to take profit expecting the stock to move lower.











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