I believe most people goal is having a good job or business to support their families and to enjoy life. Here is the tricky question: Is it more important to find a job we like with a bit worse than average salary or to find a job we donít really love with a bit better than average pay check? Interestingly enough, when I ask the question, the popular answer is the former. I guess people nowadays prioritize their happiness over money. I donít blame them. I personally think most illness results from stress. People rather have good health to enjoy average life than having lot of money and donít have the health to enjoy it.


Though I might not realize it but I believe I chose the former answer for my first job. After my graduation, I worked as an in house real estate appraiser for a Chinese bank in San Gabriel Valley. The salary was definitely not what I wanted but the job was undoubtedly the one I loved. The appraisal job involves numbers, photography and working on the field most of the time. Those were the main reasons I took the job. I remember my boss even told me I was over qualified for it. I had fun working as an appraiser for awhile until the bank changed ownership and consequently, business philosophy. The appraisal job became so stressful to a point I decided to look for another job I always dream of.


For a series of lucks, I got in trading business. I got the business idea from my brother-in-law. The incredible bull market run in the 1990ís literally pushed me into this business. I had fun trading during the golden era of the stock marketuntil the turn of this century when reality hit me hard. I was scare but the fun of trading won over my fear. I decided to stay in trading but I needed to make changes to adapt myself to the market. I changed myself from a casual stock trader to a serious option trader. That was when the fun and the excitement began.


I began my option trading business with one thought in mind: Everything is tough from the beginning. If I keep changing my career, I will face the same challenge in the beginning of everynew career. I canít afford changing my career like a fresh, young and energetic college kid. If I find something I love, I am determined to make the most out of it. I admitted I had up and down moments during the early stage of my trading career but I did not give up. Common sense tells me it is much easier to change myself than changing the whole market so I keep changing myself to make trading works for me. The original investment lessons gave me good but not the best start. I consequently attended more seminars from different companies to get different trading perspectives. There is no such thing as magical formulasfor a successful trading career. Human factor is still the main ingredient. A skillful combination of human factor and trading knowledge will usually do the trick. Trading with the right mindset, in my opinion, is the key to be successful. Knowing when enough is enough, and be realistic about achieving goal.


I love trading so much that I look forward to Mondays when the stock market opens. My Sunday night is equivalent to most people Friday night. This business gives me freedom to work when and where I want. My ultimate goal: Making enough money from trading so I can happily enjoy my financial freedom. To close this article, I like to use an anonymous quote about freedom and happiness:


Loving what we do is happiness,

Doing what we love is freedom.




Dennis Phan   潘家墉

1971/1974 Khai Minh Doan Ket Class

20 May 2014 in Claremont, California, USA









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