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We were on an Asian Cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore in March. Our kids are now in college which gives us more flexibility to choose our vacation time frame to avoid high cost in travelling. The cruise started in Hong Kong and ended in Singapore. Along the way, it stopped at Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.


We decided to go to Hong Kong a few days earlier to explore the city before our cruise began. We touched down at Hong Kong International Airport early morning on March 14. We took the city bus to get to our hotel in Hung Hom. We chose this location due to its close proximity to the cruise ship terminal which happens to be the old site of Hong Kong International Airport in Kowloon.


After checking in our hotel, we went straight to Ching Chung Koon to pay respect to my wife's relatives. I was there 3 years ago with my son for the same purpose. Back then, the place was under remodeling. With the completion of the remodeling process, Ching Chung Koon was a lot better place when we were there.  Whenever we have a chance to visit Hong Kong, my wife always prioritizes this visit to show her respect to the pass away relatives. On the same day, we had dinner with my relatives in Tseung Kwan O.


After the main business was done, we were free to explore the city. During our 3-day stay in Hong Kong, we did a lot of walking. We visited our old neighborhoods in North Point and Quarry Bay on Hong Kong side. During our visit to my wife old neighborhood, I was surprised to learn this neighborhood has a green walking trail with creek. To find such a trail on Hong Kong island where land is so precious and expensive is nothing short of a miracle, in my opinion. We had fun walking along the  trail enjoying the nature in the heart of Hong Kong Island. We, of course, didn't miss the famous Hong Kong night lights and street food. In my opinion, Hong Kong has one of the best street foods  in Asia if we know where to find food  and don't mind what we eat. My wife was a bit sensitive about some authentic foods  in Hong Kong such as beef organ meat but I am perfectly okay with it. When I travel, I like to try what the locals eat to really know the place. One of my favorites was eating dim sum on the go. We can easily find those dim sums on the sidewalks in the early morning. Our favorite dinner was having steam fish at a mom and pop restaurant across from our hotel. The price was reasonable and the fish was fresh. My wife had fun looking at the fresh sea food at many traditional markets throughout the city. One thing I noticed was the Hong Kong people are a lot nicer compared to what it was in late 70's to early 80's when I was there as a refugee. If we ask for help on the street such as where to eat, direction etc, we will likely have a friendly response. I had a chance to talk with a dessert stall owner about this subject. She admitted the change and gave credit to the new generation who studied abroad and brought the western culture back to the city. 


I was in Hong Kong as a refugee in late 70's to early 80's. To me, Hong Kong has a special place in my heart. It was my stepping stone for my beautiful life in the USA and beyond. I always remember Hong Kong government and its people as my saviors. Whenever I have a chance, I always stop by Hong Kong to re-live my sweet memories there as a refugee then and as a tourist now.





Dennis Phan   潘家墉

Khai Minh, UCLA and Investools Alumni

Los Angeles, 07 May 2019


















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