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The cruise ship made the last stop of the itinerary at Ko Samui, the second largest island of Thailand. This time, we decided to explore the surrounding area by ourselves. The local town was just a short walking distance from the port.

The town near the port was mainly a tourist town but we could still find some good mom and pop street food restaurants. We walked by a local restaurant and smelled the Vietnamese Pho there. We decided to give it a try. It turned out there was no pho, only authentic Thai noodle. I ordered a classic Tung Yum Kong Thai noodle soup and it was delicious. We also tried Thai street food desserts fried banana to release stressed. Well, not really. If we pay attention to the words DESSERTS and STRESSED, we will notice desserts spells backward is stressed. Quite interesting, isn't it? We also stopped by a local market to look at the seafood sold there. It wasn't that impressive. However, the tropical fruits looked okay. They had good service here in Ko Samui. The vendors were more than happy to cut the fruit and made it ready to eat upon request.

We also saw several money exchange stands on the street but if we were not in a hurry, we'd have gotten a better deal in a commercial bank not too far away.

Before the trip, we were told Thai massage is a must. We didn't have time to try it in Bangkok and Patayya. We definitely had plenty of time to do it here in Ko Samui. We found a massage shop in town. Foot massage was only 200 baht, which is less than $7 USD, per hour. That was a fantastic deal! We were so happy with the service that we gave a very good tip to the servers. They richly deserve every penny of the tip.

When we got back to the cruise ship, we chatted with others who hired a taxi to go around the islands. They showed us the photos and we felt in love with Ko Samui scenery. We will try around the island tour the next time we visit Ko Samui.




Dennis Phan   潘家墉

Khai Minh, UCLA and Investools Alumni

Los Angeles, 15 Jul 2019


















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